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"...bloggers never signed out their browsers..." - Nature Boi

"That communal effort plays strongly into the trio’s first collaborative release, You’re Welcome, a project that welcomes others into their village. They join their distinct flows — Brain Rapp rides on steady, cultivated energy; Ezko hits on strong, free-flowing lyrics and Nature Boi matches his own melodic, adaptive production — in a way where not one of them outshines the other. The eight-track release shows a wide and fluid range of moods: from restless, frustrated energy in 'Venting' to appreciative affection in 'Ms. Amerykah Badu.'" - Teta Alim,


"Musically, this trio covers a broad breadth of hip-hop and R&B influences that span across nuances of multiple decades. What drew us in at first was an advance listen of “Venting” which features Liqui. The pronounced percussion, fluttering brass sample, and organic vocal harmonies call on associations of legends like De La Souland Jurassic 5. Yet, as classic as the beat and flows feel, the production brings it forth into current times, blending the best of both worlds effortlessly. It’s the perfect addition to kicking the night off, maybe spouting off the chorus as you get cleaned up and ready to hit the town." - Clayton Warwick, The Music Ninja